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Wealth Games

Chasing Returns (The Asset Allocation Game)

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For ages 13-18

Teaches asset allocation, the consequences of chasing investment returns and having a long-term view on investing to children ages 13 to 18, without subjecting them to a lot of charts and graphs.   Can be administered by a family office executive (or adult knowledgeable about asset allocation) in an afternoon.  Rather than describe the intricacies of asset allocation, each child receives data about how eight managers performed with different investment styles have performed over time.  Then each child assigns an asset allocation for a two-year period among these different managers.  The administrator runs a simulation of each child’s results and then leads a discussion about the results.  After 10 rounds, the players learn how chasing returns in one period may not produce good results in the next period, and how keeping disciplined by sticking to one allocation will yield the best overall gains.

The Money Game
$299    (Comes complete for use with up to 30 players. Ready to Play version also gives you full access to all PDF materials as well.)
$99      (You prepare the materials on location.)

For all ages
A financial literacy game where the players are the pieces, so children, teens and adults can experience what it takes to create financial freedom and learn how to win The Money Game™.

Financial Football
Financial Football, Financial Soccer, Smart Money Quiz Show, and more

Lemonade Tycoon

Available only to members of LearningPlantet.com
Cost: $39.95 per year

Let’s you start a virtual business, requiring players to purchase ingredients with constantly fluctuating prices; decide where in town their lemonade card will get the most traffic, read the news to learn about trends that may affect sales, hire.

Planet Orange

For grades four through eight

Choose a guide to help you explore four continents: Moneyland, Republic of Saving, South Spending and Investor Islands.  At each continent, players must successfully solve fun and silly challenges that help them learn about some aspect of money.



Tests kids’ ability to save for things you want while paying for things you need. Pick job, collect a paycheck and build and a budget for six months.

Young Investor

For all age groups k- 12

Designed for teacher and the class room.  Provides games and information on investing, saving, budgeting and earning money.



A stock market game “like a fantasy sports pool for investing”  It is a simulation game for investing.  Note: If you use this game you may want to find a way do reduce the “winning” the game aspect.

Stock Trak

Variable costs
Designed for students: Graduate, College, High school, Middle school

Stock Market online investment simulation game. Designed for the classroom. Note: If you use this game you may want to find a way do underplay “winning” by making unsound, aggressive investment choices, or at least balancing that with discussion the risks of employing such investment techniques with real money.


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